Best Vlogging Camera: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review in 2019

Best Vlogging Camera Canon G7X Mark II

Hey Instillers! With the advent of JIO 4G in India, 95% people have the access of YouTube. You all know that how the YouTubers are becoming famous these days just by creating videos. Of all the video categories, vlogging channels are growing tremendously in India. So, I am here to tell you a Cheap & Best Vlogging Camera in 2019.

If you don’t know, I am also a YouTuber. Recently, I have purchased Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera which is recommended by many people as the Best Vlogging Camera available in the current time.

So, this is going to be Canon G7X Mark II Review where all the important details of the same will be discussed in detail. If you also want to be a future vlogger, then stay tuned with this article till the end.

Best Vlogging Camera in 2019

Firstly, we will talk about what should be the specifications and features of a vlogging camera. After that we can easily create the best review to discuss Canon G7 X Mark II Pros & Cons in detail.

Vlogging is a type of videography where one creates videos of self, his lifestyle and the way he/she is living his/her life. You can brief it as the video content showing you and your life in raw format without any acting.

Any camera which a vlogger is thinking to vlog with, must have good audio features; because vloggers record videos in raw, anywhere possible, be it a market, shop, train, roads, etc. It should have the facility to mount an external microphone to have optimum audio quality.

Vlogging is not like still videography where the camera is mounted on a tripod, it’s handheld. So, the camera must have good stabilization features. In addition to these, there should be the correct colour composition in the video and many other things which we will be discussing later.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review

Being a YouTuber, I follow many other creators including vloggers also. As I have noticed that almost every vlogger have used the Canon G7 X Mark II in former days. In the current time also, many are still using it.

As I have also bought it, I will be discussing here “Should we Buy Canon G7X Mark II in 2019? Is it the Best Vlogging Camera in India?”

So, the first hands-on impression of this camera is really great. It is very compact and portable. The design and look of the same is also great. The tripod mount area is placed very accurately in the middle of the camera, so that it looks good when we are vlogging.

Now, I will be talking all the “Pros & Cons of Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II” one-by-one individually; so that you can decide “Is Canon G7X Mark II the Best Vlogging Camera in 2019?”

180° Tilt-Up & 45° Tilt-down Display

The very first thing of the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II loved by all, is its 180° Tilt-Up and 45° Tilt-down Display. If you are vlogging yourself, you can easily see the video frame by tilting-up the display to 180 degree.

Best Vlogging Camera in 2019

Also, if you are shooting video of the high sky and downwards of yourself, you can easily see the display with its 45° Tilt-down feature.

It has 7.6cm (3.0 inch) LCD Monitor which is touchscreen. Many cameras and DSLRs coming in the present time don’t have touchscreen display which hardens the videography work in terms of extra settings.

Wide Aperture Lens f/1.8 to f/2.8

The most important reason why Canon G7X Mark II is called the Best Vlogging Camera, is its lens. It has 20.1 MP wide aperture lens f/1.8 to f/2.8 which performs very well even in low light.

Also, it has 4.2x optical zoom which produces very clear videos even in zoomed frame.

Digic 7 Imaging Processor

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is equipped with a new Digic 7 Imaging Processor with 1 Type (13.2×8.8mm) CMOS Sensor. It has Dual Pixel Auto-Focus feature which is great in videography.

In addition to that, it has very good stabilization ability. The camera stabilizes the video very much even if you shake the camera.

Design & Look of Vlogging Camera

Now, lets talk about the design of the camera. So, I loved Canon G7X Mark II very much in terms of look and design. The front side has the lens and its branding on both sides of the lens. It has also a firm grip area where you can place your hand while recording.

The screen side is also very well managed. All the important buttons and settings menu are on the right which completely makes sense regrading the topmost part where the major functioning buttons are placed. It has ON/OFF button, in-built microphone and some settings dialers.

Canon G7X Mark II Best Vlogging Camera

The next thing of Canon G7 X Mark II being called the Best Vlogging Camera is that it has flash also. The button for flashlight is present on the left side and the flash in on top.

The right side consists of micro USB port, micro HDMI port and Wi-Fi button to share your camera storage with your smartphone.

Finally, last but not the least, bottom part consists of tripod mount and battery and SD card compartment. So, this is the design and parts management of this Best Vlogging Camera.

In-built Microphone

As I have mentioned above that it has no any port for external microphone. So, the whole audio will be recording with its in-built microphone.

In spite of not having external microphone feature, the reason why Canon G7X Mark II is recommend as “Cheap & Best Vlogging Camera” is that the in-built microphone is placed on top of the camera.

If it would have placed in any side, there would be very much noise in the audio. But,the microphone being on top, it reduces the noise to very great level and finally outputs the best audio possible.

Conclusion: Best Vlogging Camera in 2019

So, these are the most important features of the camera which will be helpful for you in vlogging. I hope “Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review in 2019” article has helped you in selecting the “Cheap & Best Vlogging Camera“.

If you are waiting for my conclusion, I would highly recommend this camera if you are in the field of vlogging. If your budget is high, you can go for other cameras also. But, for me Canon G7X Mark II is the Best Vlogging Camera even in 2019.

I have discussed about almost all the important features of this camera. Even if you have any query regarding Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II or the Best Vlogging Camera in India, then feel free to comment it down.

For more details about Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II, watch this video.

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